Plant Lists

Plant lists for 2016 are available to download below.

The files are in .xls format (Excel from Microsoft Office) and you should be automatically prompted to save the file. If you don’t have Excel, a free spreadsheet viewer for Excel can be downloaded here.

For up to date availability of stock, or to request specific stock to be brought for collection/purchase at Farmer’s Markets/AGS Meetings please email us. NB. We do not provide mail order

Plant Lists 2016

Catalogue A Catalogue N
Catalogue B Catalogue O
Catalogue C Catalogue P
Catalogue D Catalogue Q
Catalogue E Catalogue R
Catalogue F Catalogue S
Catalogue G Catalogue T
Catalogue H Catalogue U
Catalogue I Catalogue V
Catalogue J Catalogue W
Catalogue K Catalogue X
Catalogue L Catalogue Y
Catalogue M Catalogue Z




One thought on “Plant Lists

  1. Hi John just checking availability of lewisite have you any of following Lewis heckner
    Purdy Howell brachcalx stebbins Nevada
    Yours wilf

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